We support people to do the extraordinary everyday.

Proactive Medicare provides hourly home care and staffing services to our clients.

We are proud of our reputation of quality, compassionate hourly home care program designed to help people lead healthier lives in their homes. Our staff are closely vetted before hire and well-trained to our exacting standards.

History & Values

Proactive Medicare was founded in the UK in 2015 with a vision of becoming the leading hourly home care services provider enabling our clients to live independently in the comfort of their homes. We pride ourselves on the premium quality of care we provide. As a provider with a culture of continuous improvement we strive to serve our customers consistently in a superior and effective manner. Our unique personalised service allows us to build lasting relationships with you that enable you to enjoy yourself and to maintain your preferred lifestyle.

The founders of Proactive Medicare have several decades’ experience in hourly home care and (health care) as well as experience in running and managing organisations effectively with a primary focus on quality. We have developed the grounding and expertise to provide you with the quality hourly home care service you need.

We recognise what matters to you most as the person receiving care. With this in mind, we prioritise your needs when planning your hourly home care. We have a client focussed, quality-based service providing personalised care which is tailored to your needs when you us.

All our recruitment and selection of staff is undertaken in accordance with clear policies, procedures and processes to ensure compliance with legislation and in line with safeguarding principles. We have a robust recruitment procedure in place to ensure all employees have the appropriate skills, have undertaken the necessary training and checks for working with vulnerable people.

Rated ‘Good’ by the CQC

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), has rated Proactive Medicare to be GOOD in all five categories for being safe, effective, caring, well-led and responsive to people’s needs, following an inspection in December 2019. Our short-term goal is to improve on this GOOD rating to OUTSTANDING in all categories and to maintain that OUSTANDING rating once achieved.

  • SafeGood
  • EffectiveGood
  • CaringGood
  • ResponsiveGood
  • Well-ledGood

Why choose Proactive Medicare?

We are committed to being your shoulder to lean on and to providing our clients the best care possible.

Recognised care experts

Through our highly trained staff we deliver an expert, no-fuss premium service, including complex care cases

Peace of mind

Our service is designed to give clients and their families peace of mind. Client satisfaction surveys also back this up

24/7 care

Proactive Medicare provides round the clock care to help our clients live well at home

A trusted partner

We are the trusted referral choice for families, social care professionals, district nurses and hospices

Bespoke care

Our care service is tailored to our client’s varying needs and reviewed actively on an ongoing basis

High calibre carers

We rigorously vet candidates before we hire them and provide ongoing training for staff

Quality Assurance

Providing a quality service to our clients is at the heart of what we do. Also, we are registered and regulated by the CQC. We have employed the quality outcomes required by the CQC in the way we provide our care. Some of the priorities we focus on are as follows:

  • Respecting and involving individuals in their care: Our assessment of care needs is dependent on what the priorities and concerns of the individual are so by effectively engaging and communicating with them. By so doing, they are able to understand that their choices and their dignity and independence are respected
  • Consent to care and treatment: we do this by managing and maintaining the appropriate systems that allow individuals to freely give, where able, their informed approval to all their care needs.
  • Care and welfare: this is achieved by ensuring that we provide effective, safe & appropriate care, treatment and support that meets their needs & protects their rights.
  • Meeting nutritional needs: ensuring individuals are eating and if there are any concerns with an individual’s nutrition, we escalate appropriately.
  • Co-operating with other providers: we ensure we provide safe care and support, also to escalate any issues which may arise to appropriate services.
  • Safeguarding service users from abuse: by adhering to standards that ensure that the risk of abuse is eliminated at all times
  • Cleanliness and infection control: ensuring environment we are working in is clean and appropriate cleaning agents are used to effectively manage hand hygiene in the community setting.
  • Management of medicines: by following all necessary safety protocols and procedures for the safe administration and distribution of medicines where this service is provided.
  • Safety and suitability of premises: promote safety and well being within the environment we are working in.
  • Safety, availability and suitability of equipment: by ensuring appropriate equipment is used and training is maintained pertaining to use of the equipment.
  • Requirements relating to workers: by look after staff appropriately and support them so that they will provide a quality service to individuals. Ensure staff are happy, healthy and fully qualified to meet those needs.
  • Staffing: we ensure staff appropriate to the level of care required are provided.
  • Supporting workers: our staff that are properly trained, supervised, supported and appraised to provide adequate care and support.
  • Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision: we measure quality of care provided against quality attributes as set by the CQC and by measuring outcomes to measure care provided.
  • Complaints: ensuring that individuals using our service are listened to and comments and complaints are acted on effectively.
  • Records: we keep these in accordance with the relevant legislation/regulation and ensure confidentiality and that the information kept is fit for purpose

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